Welcome to my online space and portfolio of work! I am an artist living in Cape Town, South Africa. I dance, choreograph, teach movement and yoga and web design. I am also a co-creator of the arts magazine: ANY BODY ZINE.

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My Work

My artistic medium always involves the physical body, and often my own body. The process of choreographing and performing has become something that I turn to, to understand myself and the world around me. I process information through embodying it in different ways. As such, a lot of my work deals with personal identity. This I access through excavating memories of past-selves and bringing to life imaginations or fantasies of future/not-yet-realised-selves.

This is what makes me so excited about choreographing. It is a medium where I can build strange worlds to exist in, and where I can embody multiple iterations of myself. This is surely magic...

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